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Watch this Ferrari get a Sweet, Tasty Treat

Ferrari Ice Cream Ass

Ice cream ass.

YouTube user, the.leviathan, has been recording people’s reactions to his Ferrari F430 in and around Toronto for quite some time. He’s pulled off some funny stunts and caught some head-scratching responses to driving a super car.

This one takes the cake… or ice cream.

Ferrari Ice Cream Ass

While meeting a friend for lunch in Toronto, the.leviathan, parked his Ferrari F430 on the street like any normal person would. No big deal, right? Well, one passerby eating a vanilla ice cream decided that this was an issue that needed to be addressed with their tasty treat. They walked over and wrote “ASS” on the windshield then slammed the soft serve on the passenger-side window before walking off.

Of course, this garnered quite a bit of attention as people stopped to take pictures of what the man wrote with his ice cream. the.leviathan came out, shocked at what just happened, but was prepared for such an incident. Inside the trunk he had cleaning supplies and was able to get rid of the ice cream so that he could at least drive home and properly clean the ice cream off.

To top it all off, he got called a “douche” by someone while driving on his way home.

Not a good day to be a Ferrari owner in Toronto…

Source: the.leviathan

What would you do if someone vandalized your Ferrari with ice cream?


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