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Watch this GT-R Unleash 1,700+ WHP on a Dyno!

AMS Performance GT-R Dyno Run

This is going to cause traction issues.

AMS Performance knows more than a thing or two about making Nissan GT-Rs go seriously fast. Like fast enough to set new world records that are seemingly impossible to achieve.

AMS Performance GT-R Dyno Run

Here, the Diamonds by Wire Alpha G R35 GT-R was filmed as it was doing dyno runs prior to the TX2K15 event. The AMS Performance team was fine-tuning the super car and was able to push it past the 1,700 whp mark, which caused some serious traction issues under full boost at the event.

Serious traction issues in an all-wheel drive supercar with sticky tires.

Source: AMS Performance YouTube

Think that you could handle a 1,700+ WHP AMS Performance GT-R in a drag race?


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