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Watch this Guy Make Fun of Muscle Car Enthusiasts

Shit Muscle Car Guys Say

Sh*t Muscle Car Guys Say.

There are different types of automotive enthusiasts that can generally be put into categories based upon the vehicles that they like and drive. There’s the tuners, off-roaders, European-lovers, etc. In America, the muscle car scene is pretty big, and just like other enthusiasts, some of the things they say make you scratch your head.

Shit Muscle Car Guys Say

Donnie Lee Jenkins, a parody character, made a video showing off his 1,914-HP Dodge *Challenger* “vee-hick-el” and described all of the different modifications and upgrades that he has made to the muscle car to make it the baddest car on the road and track. It drinks Budweiser, like him, because ‘Murica.

Of course, this is a total parody video filled with profanities that aren’t safe for work, but it’s still entertaining and some parts are spot on.

Source: Muscle Vs Tuner YouTube

Have you ever heard a muscle car enthusiast describe their car like this?


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