Watch this Lexus Sports Car Ballet in Japan

Lexus Dance of F

“DANCE of F”

Toyota has taken a number of steps towards adding more excitement into their vehicle lineups and it has led to cars like the LFA and F-models for the Lexus brand. The high-performance cars even have their own racing counterparts in the form of the RC F GT3. With these new cars hitting dealerships around the globe, the future looks bright for Lexus and Toyota as a whole for many enthusiasts.

Lexus Dance of F

To show off their dedication to a future of excitement and performance, they took to Fuji Speedway with a team of talented drivers armed with a pair of Lexus RC F Coupes, RC F GT3s, and one Lexus LFA. What they created was performance poetry. The drive around the track is nothing short of a brilliantly choreographed automotive masterpiece with burning rubber and howling engines.

Source: Lexus JP Youtube

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