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Watch this Ultima GTR Crash on Russian Streets

Ultima GTR Crashes in Russia

Dashcam time!

Thankfully, in Russia, everyone have dashcam! Seriously, almost everyone has a dashcam because of the rampant insurance fraud there, and they provide us with endless hours of entertainment that can only be explained by the fact that “it’s Russia”. This Ultima GTR crashing on public streets is just another example.

Ultima GTR Crashes in Russia

The super-rare and incredibly high-performance Ultima GTR is no joke, shattering acceleration and speed records that only the big boys have been able to achieve. With that said, it also isn’t an easy vehicle to control and requires a skilled hand to operate properly without crashing, especially under heavy throttle.

The owner of this Ultima GTR in Krasnodar, Russia, couldn’t handle the power coming out of a turn on crowded streets and oversteered up over the curb, through the sidewalk, and back onto the road where it collided with a Volkswagen Jetta before coming to a stop.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the accident, but that Ultima GTR is going to be very expensive to fix.

Source: kapysta_K YouTube,

How mad would you be if you lost control of your Ultima GTR and crashed like this?


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