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Watch a Twin-Turbo Dodge Viper do the ¼-Mile in the 6’s!


Spitting venom all the way down the drag strip.

We knew that the Dodge Viper was really fast. When someone is crazy enough to fit a twin-turbocharged kit on it, it becomes really, really fast. But when somebody fits a twin-turbocharger kit and modifies the hell out of the V-10 while setting it up to be a star on the drag strip, it’s diabolically fast.

That’s exactly what Sal Patel did with his 3,685-lb. Dodge Viper and it’s super-duper-incredibly fast, so fast that it does the ¼-mile in the SIX SECOND RANGE. Patel was able to go through the ¼-mile in just 6.98 seconds at 207.78 mph on a car with an independent rear suspension.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

[Source: nopiggy76 YouTube Channel]

What do you think this Viper’s 0-60 mph time is? Leave a comment and let us know!


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