Watch two Ferrari F50s Have Themselves a Tow Competition

Because why not?

Get out yer drivin’ boots and saddle up ‘cuz we’re ‘bout to have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned tractor pull with a pair of ‘dem fancy-schmancy Furrraris of whatever they call ‘em.

But seriously, have you ever seen two Ferrari F50 super cars try to tow each other? No, you probably haven’t and if you have, well, good for you, now watch it again. The YouTube user that’s brought you “A Ferrari F50 burnout“, “Ferrari Enzo WRC“, and all sorts of other fun things is at it again with two Ferrari F50s going head-to-head.

Two red and yellow Ferrari F50s first go for a drive around dirt and gravel roads, just having fun kicking up debris and losing traction until they meet at night in the driveway. They strap up a chain and have at it! Why would somebody do this? Well, again, why not?

[Source: TaxTheRich100 YouTube Channel]

What other super cars would you like to see in a tow competition? Leave a comment and let us know!


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