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Watch two GT-Rs and over 3,000 HP, Total Battle it out


That’s speed right there, folks.

The Nissan GT-R is a very, very fast car and it’s packed with all sorts of potential that tuning companies have been exploiting for quite some time. At the TX2K14 event, two GT-Rs squared off for some high-speed acceleration runs and to blow the doors off of everybody else.

In one lane, we have the Cranberry GT-R with over 1,600 bhp thanks to a SPE Godzilla turbo kit, Stage 4 transmission, Spec Sonny Bryant 4.1, Syvecs ECU, and Inite E98 fuel pulsing through its veins.

In the other lane was the BlackBird GT-R equipped with a Boost Logic 6466 Turbo Kit, 10:1 compression ratio, Shep Stage 4 transmission, and E85 pump fuel for a total of 1,500+ bhp.

The two supercars lined up on a quiet highway at night (should’ve been an empty drag strip for safety) and threw down the power on some high-speed acceleration runs.

Source: ThatRacingChannel YouTube

Which Nissan GT-R would you want to be driving during these acceleration runs?


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