Watch Walter Röhrl Dance at Rally Portugal 1985

Walter Röhrl Rally Portugal 1985

This is how you drive a rally car.

Last week we posted a .GIF on Twitter showing a professional driver dance across the pedals as they downshifted perfectly. One of our fans (@DigglerMd) replied with a video that showed the legendary Walter Röhrl driving his Audi Quattro Sport at the Rally Portugal in 1985.

The video was incredible and showed Röhrl’s amazing footwork and focus throughout the rally stages, blasting through the dirt roads as the seas of crowds parted upon his arrival. It was the golden age of rally racing and Röhrl was one of the best.

Walter Röhrl Rally Portugal 1985

We were able to dig up some higher-quality albeit shorter footage from the 1985 Portugal rally onboard Röhrl’s Audi Quattro Sport and it is pure poetry in motion.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the display of driving talent.

Source: basZero RACING YouTube, @DigglerMd

Think you could ever come close to the insane driving skills of Walter Röhrl?


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