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Saying Goodbye to 2015 with Super Car Start-Up Sounds!

2015 Super Car Start-Up Sounds

The best cars coming to life from the past year.

In case you missed it because of a serious hangover from Thursday night, it’s Monday and 2016 is here. While the start of the work week is a sore subject after the long Holiday vacation, we’re here to brighten up your day with a look back on some of the best super car start-up sounds from 2015.

2015 Super Car Start-Up Sounds

Thanks to YouTube automotive extraordinaire, Gumbal, we have a 23-minute video dedicated to the all sorts of exotics and super cars starting their engines. Everything from Koenigsegg to Bugatti and all the automakers in between can be seen here starting up their engines for our enjoyment.

Start off 2016 the right way – with some super cars.

Source: Gumbal YouTube

What car did you think had the best start-up sound from 2015?


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