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We want this Guy’s Alfa Romeo Collection – Video

Buying cars like some people would buy tacos.

There’s nothing like a vintage Alfa Romeo. They’re just brilliant packages of sheer driving pleasure with that classic Italian character. Manuel Leon Minassian has been a fan of Alfa Romeo for almost his entire life. After learning how to drive at age 13, he’s been hooked on Alfas and has collected them for 22 years.

As a child, he always wanted to have a collection of ten cars. Well, he’s got quite a few more nowadays, so much so that he’s actually forgotten how many he actually owns. He’s not your average collector either; instead of buying cars in pristine condition, he seeks out the ones that were neglected and brings them back to life the way that he wants to. But there’s one car that he’s always been particularly fond of: his 1972 Alfa Romeo Berlina. He bought the car without an engine or transmission when it was in awful condition and plastered with stickers. Since then he’s made it into his own dual-purpose track day, road-legal car that he likes to drive like he stole it.

Never stop buying cars, Manuel, no matter what your wife says.

[Source: PetroliciousCo YouTube Channel]

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