Your Weekend GIF: Stay Safe out in that Cold Weather

Snow Crash Save GIF

Winter driving is not fun.

If you live in one of the colder climates that experiences snowfall every winter or live down south and just aren’t capable of driving in anything slippery, you know that driving in the snow frankly sucks. Tires slip, spin, and slide, which makes virtually every aspect of traveling harder if your vehicle isn’t properly equipped for the powdery white stuff.

That same, awful precipitation and freezing temperatures led to one heck of a scare for this driver who almost collided with a tractor trailer going sideways down the road, and then another oncoming car as they avoided the tractor trailer. Luckily, the driver was able to avoid hitting both vehicles but they may need a new pair of pants.

Would you need a new pair of pants after a close call like this?


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