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What the Hell is Wrong with these LaFerrari and 911 GT3 Drivers?

Ferrari LaFerrari Idiot

When people don’t deserve the cars they drive…

We’ve seen people flaunt their super cars, exotics, etc. before. We cover these types of high-end vehicles and we – just like many of you – can appreciate them even without seeing them driven like madmen. These two drivers in Los Angeles armed with a Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 911 GT3 just simply don’t deserve them after driving like this.

We get it; these are two incredible super cars. They’re nothing short of totally freaking awesome. You have money, but you don’t have any brains.

Ferrari LaFerrari Idiot

Two drivers in Los Angeles decided to drive recklessly through a neighborhood with no sense of safety for others. The two cars blew through stop signs, sped down busy streets, and didn’t give a shit about others. They were all about showing off, even if it meant beating the ever-living hell out of their cars.

The LaFerrari was scraped and ended the festivities with smoke billowing from its engine bay. If you want to destroy your vehicle that you spent your money on, we’re all for it. You earned the right to do so. Just don’t be a complete idiot and throw everybody else in danger because you decided that you have to show off your cars to others.

Source: DLMphotos

How stupid are these two idiots driving recklessly in a 911 GT3 and Ferrari LaFerrari?


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