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wheelsandmore’s Italian Stallion 458 Italia Ferrari tuning program

More power for the prancing horse.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is the successor to the famed F430. But this time around it has a bigger V-8 engine and even better performance. wheelsandmore has developed a new “Italian Stallion” package for the new 458 Italia that gives the supercar some subtle upgrades for increased performance.

The same Ferrari mid-engined formula still applies with the 458 Italia. With the fourth most powerful production engine ever made by Ferrari sitting behind the driver, the Italia is no slouch. But, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some good ol’ Ferrari tuning. wheelsandmore engineers have designed and installed a handmade stainless steel exhaust with remote controlled flaps to adjust the volume and stainless steel manifolds to reduce backpressure. The ECU was also revamped and helps push the total output to 621 horsepower and 616 lb-ft. of torque. The added power allows the Italian Stallion to have an estimated top speed of over 205 mph (330 km/h).

Putting all 621 horses to the road is a new set of lightweight forged wheels. The Ferrari 458 has been fitted with multi-piece 6Sporz² wheels that measure 9 x 21 up front and 12.5 x 21 at the rear axle. For added grip, new Hankook S1 Evo 245/30/21 front and 345/25/21 rear tires have been installed. The stock suspension settings have been retained on the 458. The only modification to the chassis is a new hydraulic lift system that raises the car by 40 mm to avoid obstacles.

The exterior of the Italian Stallion is outfitted with a two-tone paint scheme and racing stripe. At the rear sits a large spoiler to generate additional downforce.

The wheelsandmore Italian Stallion 458 Italia Ferrari tuning program is only available as a complete car. Pricing has not been released.

wheelsandmore Italian Stallion 458 Italia Ferrari tuning program Specifications

Displacement: 4.5 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Maximum Horsepower: 621
Maximum Torque: 616 lb-ft.
-Stainless steel exhaust system with upgraded manifolds and valve flap system
-ECU tune

Type: Seven-speed dual clutch
Drive: Rear-wheel

Top Speed (est.): Over 205 mph (330 km/h)

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Lightweight forged 6Sporz²
Front Wheels: 9 x 21
Rear Wheels: 12.5 x 21
Tires: Hankook S1 Evo
Front Tires: 245/30/21
Rear Tires: 345/25/21
Suspension: Hydraulic front end lift system, raises car by 40 mm

-Two tone paint scheme
-Racing stripes
-Rear spoiler

wheelsandmore Italian Stallion 458 Italia Ferrari tuning program Gallery

[Source: wheelsandmore]

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