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Wimmer RST keeps it all in the Family with KTM

Wimmer RST KTM X-Bow

Triple X-Bow threat.

You don’t often expect a four-wheeled track weapon to come from a motorcycle company, but that’s exactly what KTM has crafted with their X-Bow lightweight machines of insanity. The Australian motorcycle manufacturer has three flavors of crazy with the X-Bow GT, X-Bow R, and track-only X-Bow RR. They’re bonkers by themselves, but Wimmer RST has added more spice to the family recipe for speed with their new upgrade packages.

Wimmer RST KTM X-Bow

The first sibling to get the Wimmer RST treatment is the X-Bow GT. The standard, road-going model was given a new metal catalytic converter, Wimmer exhaust system, upgraded turbocharger, optimized high-compression pump, and new air intakes to go along with internal hardware on the Audi-sourced 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four. A total of 485 horsepower and 384 lb-ft. of torque erupts from the 2.0-liter and sends the 1,874-pound X-Bow GT to 60 mph in less than four seconds while a top speed of 160 mph is easily within reach. New Wimmer EVO 2-Carbon rear wings with adjustable flaps and some modified chassis components help to pour on the downforce and improve handling to the tune of 1.5-G of lateral acceleration with standard road tires.

The middle child in the lineup is the more potent KTM X-Bow R. Here, Wimmer RST pumped up the 1,731-pound sports car to 455 horsepower and 369 lb-ft. of torque for a 154 mph top speed. The Wimmer RST X-Bow R is more capable on the track too thanks to reinforced running gear with sports clutch and new differential lock. Central-locking lightweight wheels help to reduce rotating mass and work with the custom-tailored suspension to carve up corners whether they’re on the track or on country roads.

Wimmer RST KTM X-Bow

The most hardcore, misbehaved sibling is the KTM X-Bow RR. The non-road-legal sports car was given an extra bit of sugar and allowed to stay up past its bedtime thanks to Wimmer RST with their fully optimized setup from the exterior to the engine. Wimmer RST also offers a North Loop option that includes wheel load measuring and is custom-tailored for to minimize lap times.

The three siblings and their respective upgrade packages are currently available from Wimmer RST as complete cars or as upgrade packages. The X-Bow GT comes in at 130,000 Euros for the complete car, while the X-Bow R is available for 120,000 Euros, and the X-Bow RR for 110,000 Euros.

Wimmer RST KTM X-Bow Lineup Gallery

Source: Wimmer RST

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