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We Wish Our Mom would Momkhana!


This is the coolest mom, ever.

It’s well known throughout the automotive world that your life usually ends when you get a minivan for your kids. You may as well fly a white flag because all the joy in driving has been sucked out in the name of safety, cargo space, and children. But that doesn’t have to be the case.


Famous Footwear decided to create the ultimate muscle van video. Called ‘Momkhana’, the new video stars a Toyota Sienna sporting a 550-horsepower GM LS3 and rear-wheel drive. After picking up her two kids from school, the mother and kids strap in and don helmets as she shreds rubber around suburbia.

This is by far, the coolest ride from school. If this doesn’t instantly make you the coolest kid in school, then you to school with some pretty lame kids.

Source: Famous Footwear

Is this Momkhana the coolest way to get picked up from school or what?


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