Witness the Sheer Insanity of the LaFerrari’s Acceleration!

Ferrari LaFerrari Accleration

Snappin’ necks.

When you have a hybrid hyper car with a combined output of 950 horsepower and 664 lb-ft. of torque, you know the acceleration is going to be serious. But this video of a Ferrari LaFerrari accelerating from 0-215 mph shows just how serious that power can be.

Ferrari LaFerrari Accleration

The driver of the super car has to struggle to fight the car throwing his head back into the seat as the LaFerrari accelerates to triple-digit speeds effortlessly.

Just watch the speedometer and see just how fast this Italian machine really is. It is quite honestly, a thing of sheer beauty to behold.

Equally as impressive is just how fast the car can decelerate from 200+ mph down to 0 mph with such ease as well.

Source: YouTube

How insane is the acceleration to 215 mph in the Ferrari LaFerrari?


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