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Friday FAIL: McLaren P1 Crashes in China

McLaren P1 Crash in China

Why oh why?

There’s a lot of money in China and there’s also a booming automobile market of which automakers are taking advantage. This also holds true for exotic car makers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren, the latter of which saw one of its beloved P1 hybrid hyper cars get into a pretty bad accident.

McLaren P1 Crash in China

Earlier this week on a highway near Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province, a McLaren P1 crashed into a Buick LaCrosse, causing some pretty serious damage to both vehicles.

McLaren P1 Crash in China

The official details of the crash and who was at fault has not been released, but based on the damage, our arm-chair insurance adjusters believe that the McLaren driver likely rear-ended the Buick. After the initial impact, it appears as though the McLaren driver lost control and side-swiped a guard rail or barrier, damaging the side of the super car.

McLaren P1 Crash in China

Being that this McLaren P1 cost about 12.6 million yuan ($2.02 million), insurance is going to be a bit upset with having to write a check to fix this – if it even can be fixed for that matter.

Be smart on the roads, kids!

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Source: CarNewsChina

How sad is it to see a McLaren P1 destroyed like this in an accident?


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