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Take a trip back to the ‘60s with the Gullwing America P/904 Carrera

Gullwing America P/904 Carrera

Vintage racing with modern technology.

We’ve all lusted after vintage racecars. Those curvy lines, raw engines, and minimalistic interiors are so captivating, until that price tag shows up, that is, if you are able to find one. Gullwing America is making owning a vintage sports car much easier to attain. While their newest creation is still in the prototype stages, it has us putting change in our piggy banks for when it is officially released.

The new Gullwing America P/904 Carrera is a new conversion that oozes retro beauty and features modern technology. The sports car is modeled after the successful Porsche 904/Carrera GTS racecar from the mid-1960s.

The P/904 Carrera is based on the 2005-2011 (987 generation) Porsche Boxster platform. The same 3.4-liter, 291 horsepower, 3.4-liter flat-six engine and six-speed manual transmission is retained in the conversion. Gullwing America was able to bring back the round, curvaceous shape of the Carrera GTS thanks to a new composite body.

The new P/904 Carrera will feature modern amenities instead of the minimalistic interior of the original car. The interior is fitted with an iPod docking station, navigation system, air conditioning, and LED lighting. Each of the seats, gauge cluster, and steering wheel underwent a retro upgrade while ABS and power steering systems were kept to aid the driver.

In terms of performance, Gullwing America has taken steps to ensure the P/904 Carrera offers a thrilling driving experience. The 3.4-liter engine was given a sport tuned exhaust system for a raw, racecar sound. A new adjustable suspension helps provide superb handling in conjunction with the new 18×8 front and 18 x 20 rear custom-designed Gullwing America five-spoke wheels.

The Gullwing America P/904 Carrera is currently in the prototype and development stage. The Texas-based company estimates that the conversion will start at 70,000 Euros (+/- 92,000 USD), not including additional upgrades to the Boxster.

Gullwing America P/904 Carrera Specifications

Base Vehicle: Porsche Boxster (987) 2005-2011 MY

Displacement: 3.4 liters
Number of Cylinders: Flat-six
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Maximum Horsepower: 291
-Sport tuned exhaust

Type: Six-speed manual
Drive: Rear-wheel

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: Gullwing America custom-designed five-spoke
Front Wheels: 18 x 8
Rear Wheels 18 x 10
Suspension: Adjustable sport suspension

-Composite construction designed after Porsche Carrera GTS

-LED lighting
-Upgraded steering wheel
-Upgraded seats
-iPod docking station
-Air Conditioning
-ABS system
-Power steering

Gullwing America P/904 Carrera Gallery

[Source: Gullwing America]

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