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Watch a Ford GT hit 212 mph and set a new world record for the ½ Mile


Raising the bar.

Being able to go 200 mph in an automobile is quite a feat, even for a super car. Going 200 mph in a standing mile puts you in the top one percent of automobiles. Doing the same in half of a mile is nothing short of incredible.

Well, that’s what Mark Heidaker’s 2,000 horsepower Ford GT did. The Hennessey Performance tuned Ford, called the “Camo GT,” set a new world record at the Houston Half Mile Shootout on May 12, 2012. The Camo GT was driven by Sean Kennedy and vanishes in a cloud of smoke as it rips down the straightaway. In the end, the team was able to achieve a 212.9 mph speed through the half-mile run, setting a new world record that will be very hard to break.

Nice job, guys!

[Source: Hennessey Performance]

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