Friday Fail: The Idiotic BMW Thief

Friday Fail: The Idiotic BMW Thief

One guy picks the wrong car to break into.

A large portion of us have had their cars broken into, whether it be thieves taking change, stealing a radio, or actually stealing the car. It stinks, it’s infuriating, and oftentimes it is hard to catch the criminal (which is the cherry on top). So when stories like this pop up, it’s so incredibly enjoyable to read.

On, one owner of an e36 BMW 3 Series was awakened in the middle of the night by his car alarm. After telling his wife to call 911, he was able to lock a drunk, shirtless thief in his car, trapping him until the police showed up. After the owner grabbed a sledgehammer, any thought of escaping went out the window for the kid.

Here’s the recap according to the owner, joey79:

“So last night about 3:30am, my wife wakes me up, “is that your car alarm going off?”. It was. It was parked in the driveway, so I look out the window and see nothing out of the ordinary. I disabled the alarm, and the doors unlocked. Then I see some dude with no shirt on get into my car! I’m thinking “what the fuck”. I immedately lock the doors, then double lock/arm. Owned . I tell the wife to call 911, while I go outside and snap a quick cell phone pic of the guy just incase. After the first picture, he started getting pissed off and gave me the finger. I then went into the garage and grabbed my 3lb sledge. I stand next to the driver’s door with the sledge in my hand and a very angry look on my face. If he tries to bust his way out of the car, he’s getting squashed. The kid is obviously scared shitless, as he doesn’t even move or look at me. Cops come and ask how I locked him in the car, and I tell them about the double lock.

Turns out the kid is drunk as f*ck and he told the cops he thought my house was his friend’s house. Sounds like a bullshit story, but whatever. He also threw up on the outside of my passenger door.

But yeah, double lock saves the day.”

Thank you, joey79, for catching someone breaking into your car and doing what a large portion of us wish we could’ve done before. This week’s Friday Fail is dedicated to you, joey79 for catching this idiot.


Have you ever had or caught someone breaking into your car? Leave a comment and let us know!


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