See How Much all that Formula 1 Stuff Costs in one Infographic

Money, Money, Money, Money…Money!

We all dream to be racecar drivers. Heck, even owning a racecar team would be a dream come true. But unless you’re filthy rich, it probably isn’t going to happen – at least in Formula 1.

So much money goes into these incredible machines. After all, they are looked at as test beds for new and emerging technology that will one day be used in the normal road-going cars that we drive today. Even looking at the amount of time and effort that goes into just one team is exhausting to comprehend.

The folks at NetCars.com have combined all the fun facts, figures, costs, and technology that makes up an F1 team and put it all in one fun infographic for us.

Cost of Formula 1 Infographic

Formula 1 Cost Infographic

Source: http://www.carfinance247.co.uk/

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