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A Kahn Design takes on the sleek Aston Martin Rapide

A Kahn Design Aston Martin Rapide

Fine British style and performance.

The Aston Martin Rapide is arguably the sportiest automobile in the four-door coupe segment and still offers an incredible amount of comfort and luxury. The exclusive luxury coupe has gone without any kind of aftermarket upgrade or styling programs for customers, until now. A Kahn Design has designed a full exterior and interior styling package that allows customers to create an individual and unique four-door coupe.

The new A Kahn Design Rapide has been outfitted with a carefully designed exterior upgrade package that complements the original design and character of the coupe. The featured Onyx Black Kahn Rapide wears a front bumper grille and hood vents in matte black. Each of the side vents wear the same black finish and match the dark-tinted privacy glass.

A Kahn Design Aston Martin Rapide

In terms of performance, each of the upgrades not only helps improve the overall driving experience, but also the styling of the Rapide. The entire chassis was lowered thanks to a modified suspension system and hugs a set of new Kahn wheels. For the Aston Martin Rapide, the British team chose the Kahn RSX-F wheels in a 21-inch diameter with a platinum silver finish and the original Aston Martin center caps. Behind each of the wheels are black-painted brake calipers that stick with the overall black color scheme and stand out from the platinum silver wheels. The finishing touch is a stainless steel performance exhaust that releases the 6.0-liter V-12 engine’s ferocious roar.

A Kahn Design Aston Martin Rapide RSX-F Wheels

Inside of the A Kahn Design Aston Martin Rapide, customers can expect the same high-standards of quality and finish as the rest of the Kahn models. Each Rapide can be custom-tailored and designed to suit any personal taste and outfitted with unique trims, leathers, and furnishings in a virtually limitless color palette. On the featured Onyx Black Rapide, the team at A Kahn Design installed alcantara on the sports steering wheel and instrument binnacle.

All of the Aston Martin Rapide upgrades are available from A Kahn Design and can be built to customer specification. The featured Rapide is available for £123,875.00. The exclusive “00 77” number plate is also available as by separate negotiations from A Kahn Design.

A Kahn Design Aston Martin Rapide

A Kahn Design Aston Martin Rapide Specifications

-Matte black front grille
-Matte black hood vents
-Matte black side vents
-Dark-tinted privacy glass
-Lowered suspension
-Kahn RS-XF wheels in 21-inch diameters with platinum silver finish and original center caps
-Black painted brake calipers
-Stainless steel performance exhaust

-Designed to customer specification
-Alcantara steering wheel
-Alcantara instrument binnacle

[Source: A Kahn Design]

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