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The Hennessey Performance Ford GT sets a Texas Mile Record – Video


Where 250 mph is nothing.

Hennessey Performance is pretty familiar with the Texas Mile bi-annual event in the town of Beeville, Texas. They had previously achieved top speeds of 232.3- and 257.7 mph with their twin-turbo Ford GT, and 189.7 mph with their CTS-V wagon.

Now they’ve set a new world record with the same twin-turbocharged Ford GT at the 2012 Texas Mile event. Owned by Mark Heidaker, and driven by Sean Kennedy, the Ford GT was able to reach a speed of 263.3 mph, setting a new world record at the one-mile drag strip.

The video shows the 5.4-liter Accufab Racing engine with dual Precision Turbochargers spooling in the background combining with 117-octane fuel. It’s quite a beast to control, but Kennedy was able to tame it and achieve the incredible speed. Hat’s off to him!

[Source: Hennessey Performance YouTube Channel]

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