Friday FAIL: Where GT-86 Commercials get Banned in the UK

X-Rated Toyota Commercial.

To advertise their new small, affordable sports car in Britain, Toyota produced a short, one-minute commercial titled “The Real Deal”. It’s a advertisement that shows a man trapped in a three-dimensional, animated universe that’s nothing but dull and ho-hum, especially when it comes to driving riding in his driver-assisted car. But then he discovers a Toyota GT-86 and has the time of his life driving it through the animated streets until he finally breaks out of this artificial world and into real life.

Sounds like a good, quality advertisement that gets your message across in a way that’s inoffensive, right?


The commercial, which is made for the UK, has just been hit with the ban hammer by the Advertising Standards Authority. Why, you ask? A British law forbids automakers from producing commercials that show illicit real-world driving and according to the ASA, the Toyota GT-86 commercial has been banned because it may “encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly,” and also “condoned dangerous driving.”

Toyota UK is aware of this law and, as you can see, has tried to portray the GT-86 in a non-real-world situation as it drove through computer-generated streets. According to Toyota the commercial “is impossible to reproduce under real-world conditions,” and has not taken it down from its YouTube Channel.

FAIL on you ASA! Let us see how cars are meant to be driven, even if it is in a video-game world.

Must Not Drive!

[Source: ToyotaUKTV]

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