Check Out this Radical Porsche 959 dubbed Moby Dick

Back in 1986 the Porsche 959 held the record for the fastest production car built with a top speed of 195mph. The record was short lived and was later taken in 1987 by the Ferrari F40 which was capable of reaching a top speed of 201 mph. Nevertheless, it is still an amazing car that’s packed with all sorts of technology that has trickled down into modern cars today. The Porsche 959 is still a technological marvel to this day, and was the result of giving engineers freedom to innovate.

Below we bring you an amazing rendition of the Porsche 959 named “Moby Dick”, produced by the talented designer Shahin Igor. The car was designed with new aerodynamic bodywork, wheels, and a modified suspension without taking away from the original design language.

©Copyright Shahin Igor | Image Source

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