Porsche Design gets Exclusive with the new P‘9981 Gold Blackberry

Porsche Design P‘9981 Gold Blackberry

Going for Gold.

Porsche Design and their partnership with Blackberry has resulted in some pretty interesting and special mobile phones for the past couple of years. Whether you’re a Blackberry fan or not, there’s some pedigree behind the phone as the P‘9981 model has won the prized “red dot” award for the “best of the best 2013” for design quality, and “Smartphone of the year 2012” by the Plus X Award team. Now the Porsche Design team is looking to take the smartphone a step further with the super-exclusive P‘9981 Gold Blackberry.

The Porsche Design P‘9981 Gold Blackberry wears a stainless steel case with a gold-colored titanium coating, and then finished with a 24-carat gold layer. The QWERTY keyboard is tailored specifically for the new gold case that decorates the smartphone while the back wears hand-wrapped leather. A special limited-edition number is engraved into the case on the camera cover, and is milled from a solid block of 24-carat gold.

Under the hood of the P‘9981 Gold Blackberry is a 1.2 GHz processor and sensors that support various augmented reality experiences instead of the traditional flat-six engine that powers Porsche models. An 8GB built-in storage capacity along with a 16 GB Micro SD card will come standard with a total of 40 GB of storage available as an option. The Porsche Design P‘9981 Gold Blackberry will be capable of capturing HD video and feature Liquid Graphics technology utilizing a 24-bit graphic display and crystal-clear touchscreen.

Porsche Design P‘9981 Gold Blackberry

Each Porsche Design P‘9981 Gold Blackberry will come with a unique Blackberry PIN number with the prefix “22A” to notify others that the phone is a Porsche Design P‘9981. Other features include the advanced Blackberry internet browser and Wikitude ‘augmented reality’ world browser.

Only 25 P‘9981 Gold Blackberry models will be made available at select Porsche Design stores starting June 2013. Pricing has not been released.

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[Source: Porsche Design]

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