Friday FAIL: Wheelie Gone Wrong

Police don’t like it when you crash into them.

We’re slapping a big FAIL on you, Mr. Wheelie man. You’re one of those guys that ruin the reputation of motorcycle riders, and you got yourself in a headlock and arrested for it. Good job.

During a memorial ride, a large group of motorcyclists were driving down a four-lane roadway with traffic. One motorcycle rider however, wanted to show off his wheelie skills during the ride after a Chevy Caprice police car sped past. Unfortunately, he wasn’t paying enough attention and lost control trying to brake, hitting the car stopped in front of him. Turns out it was a Chevy Caprice police car.

Good job, motorcycle rider. You hit the worst possible car that you could possibly hit – a police car, while you were doing a wheelie.

Two helmet cameras captured the angry officer get out of the car and grab the motorcyclist, then take him down with a headlock before he arrested him.

Here are the two videos that were put together to form the first:

Source: TacticalWheelies YouTube Channel

On a scale of 1-10, how big is this FAIL?


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