Make Your Car Shine with the World’s Most Expensive Wax!

Make that car shine.

John Johnstone, owner of Mitchell & King, a high-end car care products company, has been quite successful since it was first launched in November, 2012. The 28-year old businessman who is a self-proclaimed car enthusiast with a bit of OCD formulates the most expensive wax and shampoo in the world.

John Johnstone World’s Most Expensive Wax

Mitchell & King creates some of the most high-end car care products in the world. A bespoke shampoo, which takes approximately two to three weeks to prepare can range from £250 for shampoo in a specially-engraved crystal decanter to a whopping £1,800 for Gold Rush Rally – the world’s most expensive automotive shampoo. The 250 ml Gold Rush Rally shampoo comes in a 24-carat gold dispenser with Swarovski crystals and is specially formulated with fragrances tailed to individual customers. Only five of the Gold Rush Rally shampoo bottles are made per year.

While the shampoo may be expensive, the wax is where some can really break the bank. The waxes start at £178 per tub with varying pricing depending on the aluminum, crystal, or marble container material. The top-of-the-line Gold Rush Rally wax costs a staggering £65,000. The specially-formulated wax gives an automobile’s paintwork a beautiful gold shimmer and also comes in the same 24-carat gold container as the Gold Rush Rally Shampoo, but this time features 10 round-cut diamonds.

World’s Most Expensive Wax

Although the prices of the car care products – especially the Gold Rush Rally line – may be through the roof, the products have been very popular around the world. Billionaires and millionaires from Europe, North America, Saudi Arabia, and Russia have all purchased the high-end products for their automobiles. Even a local customer brought their Toyota Yaris in for a wax from the Scottish company.

You can find the full range of products at the Mitchell & King website.

Source: SWNS, Herald Scotland

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