If you’re Rich, use a Porsche Carrera GT as a Beer Pong Table

Are these guys crazy or stupid?

You’re a young guy and having a party at your parent’s house with your friends. You don’t want to ruin any of their tables playing beer pong, and don’t have a ping pong table to use. What do you do?

Use your father’s Porsche Carrera GT of course!

The Porsche Carrera GT is a Porsche icon. It’s incredibly hard to drive but incredibly fast and has all sorts of motorsport technology fused into its DNA. But this one also has some beer pulsing through its veins, making it even harder to drive now.


Twitter user, Alexander De Clerck aka ‏@alexotics_, sent this picture into Jalopnik and Autogespot to show off two guys’ “innovative” use of the German supercar.

Some may call it incredibly stupid while others think its genius. We just hope they didn’t scratch or spill anything.

Source: Jalopnik, Alexander De Clerck

Is this incredibly stupid or incredibly smart?


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