Featured Fitment: Nissan GT-R w/D2Forged CV08 Deep Concave Wheels

Matte Gold GT-R w/D2Forged CV08 Deep Concave Wheels

Matte Gold Monster.

The folks over at D2Autosport have given the Nissan GT-R an incredible new look that reflects the supercar nature of the Japanese beast. The GT-R is often the subject of a wide range of modification programs with emphasis being put on power and speed. But this Matte Gold Godzilla for one customer instead focused on style, and it has it in spades.

The D2Autosports team got together with Phenomenal Vynil, who installed a full matte gold wrap on the Nissan GT-R. This helped to give the supercar a new look without requiring the installation of special bodywork or aerodynamic upgrades like the directions that other owners choose to take.

Matte Gold GT-R w/D2Forged CV08 Deep Concave Wheels

D2Autosports then installed a set of D2Forged CV08 Deep Concave wheels from their large catalogue of custom-tailored wheels. The deep concave design of the wheels gives the impression of power and muscle, while the more aggressive concave at the rear emphasizes the rear-wheel bias of the all-wheel drive system.

Matte Gold GT-R w/D2Forged CV08 Deep Concave Wheels

The D2Forged CV08 Deep Concave forged wheels were installed in a wide 21 x 10.5 with 2.5-inch lip up front and an incredible 21 x 11 with 5.0-inch lip at the rear. Each wheel was given a fresh matte black center with contrasting gloss black lips that command attention when paired up with the matte gold body color. The final touch is a set of matte gold color-matched wheel nuts.

This matte gold Nissan GT-R with D2Forged CV08 Deep Concave wheels may not have the outrageous bodywork and aerodynamics of its brethren, but it has a commanding style that is subtle and sweet.

Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: Nissan GT-R
Wheels: D2Forged CV08 Deep Concave
Wheel Finish: Matte black face and gloss black lip with matte gold nuts
Front Wheels: 21 x 10.5 with 2.5-inch lip
Rear Wheels: 21 x 11.0 with 5.0-inch lip

Matte Gold GT-R w/D2Forged CV08 Deep Concave Wheels Gallery

Source: D2Autosports

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