Friday FAIL: Always make sure you park your Lamborghini Aventador Properly


This is going to be one angry owner.

Parking in a busy city can be quite a hassle. Thinking that you finally found a spot after searching the packed streets of London is a great feeling. But when you find out that you illegally parked and your Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 was towed, you’re going to have a real bad night.

This Lamborghini Aventador owner probably blew a fuse when they found out that their supercar was not just ticketed for being illegally parked, but also impounded. We can assume that the blame lies upon the driver for not paying attention to the parking signs along the street, but it’s tough to see such a valuable car being towed.

According to the video, the owner left the car parked there for less than 10 minutes before they were issued a ticket. Within 15 minutes after receiving the ticket, the car was impounded. The owner was never present for the towing and the alarm was going off the entire time.

The way the Lamborghini was towed was a bit nerve wracking as well. The wobbly pick up and the one-foot drop onto the truck didn’t exactly inspire confidence in this towing team. We were just waiting on the edge of our seats for something to go wrong, and luckily it didn’t.

Here’s your Friday FAIL lesson, kids: always check the signs and make sure you’re legally parked. Otherwise, you’re going to be paying quite a bit.

Source: SupercarsOfLondon YouTube Channel

What would you do if you saw your Lamborghini Aventador getting impounded this way?


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