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Meet the new ‘Quickest GT-R in the World’ at the Drag Strip


Watch this quarter-mile melt like butter.

Nissan GT-Rs love the drag strip. Their twin-turbocharged V-6 engine and all-wheel drive are the perfect starting points for those looking to make a quarter of a mile disappear quickly. This Extreme Turbo Systems Nissan GT-R recently became the fastest in the world through the quarter-mile and it has the video to prove it.

The Nissan GT-R has quite the list of modifications from Extreme Turbo Systems. Virtually every aspect of the engine, exhaust, drivetrain, fuel delivery, and intercooler systems were modified and upgraded while the factory ECU was equipped with a COBB access port and tuned.

The result is two monster runs by Godzilla. The first was a mind-numbing 7.81 seconds at 183 mph while the second was 7.85 seconds at 183 mph. That’s good enough to make it the worlds fastest.

But how long will that record hold up?

Source: LucasEnglish YouTube Channel

Do you think they’ll be able to go faster in the quarter-mile with this Nissan GT-R?


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