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Friday FAIL: The Three-Wheeled Ford Mustang


You only need three wheels to go for a drive.

Driving on three wheels is only cool when you’re driving a car equipped with a hydraulic suspension around a corner. Just ask Ice Cube. But when you’re just missing a wheel and driving down the road like it’s no big deal, you’re a complete idiot.

We have absolutely no idea what the background story is or why someone would even consider doing driving without a wheel. It’s incredibly dangerous and stupid, and easily a candidate for this week’s Friday FAIL.

As pointed out by some of the commenters on the video, the ironic part of the three-wheeled Mustang drive is that it passes a truck full of tires.

This video is just full of mind-boggling stupidity.


Source: Gas of Mass YouTube Channel

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a FAIL is this three-wheeled Mustang?


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