School’s In For Summer

2014 AMG Driving Academy

It is May and a time when we anticipate the advent of warm weather, vacation plans and most importantly, the end of school for the summer. As a former educator and student, I am all for getting a break from the rigors of the classroom.

However, I propose a little more instruction for those naughty boys and girls who spent well over their allowance on a Mercedes-Benz science project. AMG owners have the chance to “… go from motorist to driver…” as the website says. They will also have the chance to go from respectable adults in society to giddy gearheads.

During the months of May, June, September, October and December, owners can register and schedule for class. The street-cred of owning an AMG is one thing, but being part of the AMG Driving Academy is definitely going for extra credit.

2014 AMG Driving Academy

Drivers from across the country will (through classroom instruction and application) gain knowledge in the fundamentals of performance driving and car control. Like the way Jeremy Clarkson glides through the Hammerhead? You can do it too with this one day course.

For the small sum of around 1,700-dollars, you can have the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts, the environment of Laguna Seca, Lime Rock Park, or the Circuit of the Americas and confidence in knowing that you could dust off anyone in the cul-de-sac. Go to the website, register for the class nearest you and pay the fee for driving instruction like you have never seen it before. Sorry, Alice Cooper, summer school never looked better.

AMG Driving Academy Gallery

Source: Mercedes-Benz

What AMG model would you like to drive and where at the AMG Driving Academy?


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