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Porsche Congratulates Audi, Vows to Battle Next Year at Le Mans

Porsche 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans

The road to Le Mans 2015 is underway.

The 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans was a battle from top to bottom. From LMP1 to LMGTE Am teams battled it out over the entire 24 hours for the lead with the LMP2 class fight lasting until the very end. In the LMP1 class, Toyota and Audi welcomed the newcomer, Porsche and their 919 Hybrid. Toyota had the fastest times, Audi had the experience, and Porsche had the car.

The legendary endurance race showed why it is so hard to not only win but finish as it reared its ugly head with various accidents and mechanical woes throughout the field. As it’s often said, it always rains at Le Mans, and that led to a few changes in strategy for teams and resulted in a few crashes.

In an instant, things can change and that was clear when the lead Toyota that had been outpacing the competition for almost the entire race suddenly had a mechanical issue and had to be retired. The same mechanical gremlins bit Porsche after leading and saw the No 14. And No. 20 919 Hybrid go to the garage, the latter of which led the race for a short period of time before it retired.

The pride and fighting spirit that led Porsche to return to Le Mans pushed them to repair and bring back their No. 14 car out for the final lap to make their presence felt and show that they would not give up. Audi took the first and second overall finishes, making it and incredible 13 wins in 15 races.

Porsche however was able to give credit to their competition for their impressive victory in their latest video. While the congratulated their LMP1, LMGTE Pro, and LMGTE Am teams for their fight and finishes, they also made their commitment to returning to the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans with the same fighting spirit, clear.


Source: Porsche

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