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Spinning out at 220 MPH will Definitely Make you Crap your Pants!

Nissan GT-R Wipeout

Talk about luck!

We all know that tuned and modified Nissan GT-Rs can go really, really fast. Their job is to shatter acceleration records and hit otherworldly speeds in the quarter-, half-, and full-mile strip. Sometimes, speed can be very dangerous as seen in this half-mile run with an Extreme Turbo Systems Nissan GT-R.

The high-powered Extreme Turbo Systems Nissan GT-R was at the end of its half-mile run and had successfully broken the 220-mph barrier. Things were looking good for the team. That was, until the car began to lose traction and slide at triple-digit speeds off the track and into the dirt.

Thankfully, the car came to rest and the driver was not injured. As an added bonus, the damaged GT-R was still able to drive away from the scene and head back for some much needed repairs.

Source: ExtremeTurboSystems YouTube

How scared would you be while spinning out at 220 MPH?


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