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Bicycle vs. Ferrari F430 Scuderia – Who Wins?

Ferrari F430 Scuderia vs Rocket Bicycle

Place your bets now.

A bicycle versus a Ferrari F430 Scuderia on the drag strip seems like some sort of laughable Tortoise and the Hare matchup where the only way the pedal-powered two-wheeler will win is if the Ferrari burns or breaks down.

This race isn’t exactly that.

In one lane is the 503 horsepower, Ferrari F430 Scuderia. In the other lane sits the two-wheeled, Exotic Thermo Engineering rocket-powered bicycle putting down 944 pounds of thrust.

The drag race occurred on November 7th at Circuit Paul Ricard in Southern France, with François Gissy riding the bicycle. After about 250 meters, the bicycle had already hit 207 mph in just 4.8 seconds. The 944 pounds of thrust helped break that quarter mile mark in just 6.8 seconds.

That’s insanely fast and incredibly frightening to be riding!

Source: Rocketman340 YouTube

Would you be crazy enough to ride this rocket-powered bicycle?


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