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Warm Up with Ford’s Beachkhana 1.0

Beachkhana 1.0

Sizzling down under!

Frigid temperatures and that fluffy white stuff that we all love to hate (snow) has been pummeling much of North America this winter and we’re pretty sick and tired of it. The snow and cold makes for some good fun in empty parking lots, but we really want to get our drive on. Ford Australia has the right medicine in micro form with its new Beachkhana 1.0.

Beachkhana 1.0

The miniature, stop-motion action flick stars a 1:43-scale version of Ken Block and his magical Ford Fiesta named Sun Block. Beachkhana 1.0 – Wild on the Beaches of Australia gives us all a taste of what’s only a few months away with some micro hoonage and classic Australian jokes.

Oi mate!

Source: Ford Australia

Are you inspired to go Beachkhana somewhere nice and warm?


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