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Featured Fitment: Mini Lamborghini with New Wheels

SR Auto Group Mini Lamborghini Wheels

Start ‘em young!

Growing up, almost all of us had dreams of getting behind the wheel of an exotic sports car and speeding off with that engine howling. Most of us had Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars that allowed us to put ourselves in this imaginary high-octane world. A few of us were lucky enough to have a Power Wheels or other seemingly life-sized foot- or electric-powered toy vehicle to drive.

The team at SR Auto Group is taking that a step further for those that have a mini Lamborghini toy in their expansive children’s garage.

On this featured yellow Lamborghini Aventador, the children’s toy saw its stock set of wheels swapped out for a new custom-tailored set of rollers. Modeled after PUR RS05 monoblock lightweight forged wheels, the new bite-size wheels give that custom-tailored, exclusive look to the children’s supercar toy.

SR Auto Group Mini Lamborghini Wheels

The new wheels were a perfect fit for the mini Lamborghini Aventador as their sharp, angular design creates the impression of speed that seamlessy matches the factory design of the toy. Each wheel comes with an aluminum-look finish complete with visible brake calipers with the Lamborghini logo and perforated discs.

The new PUR RS05-look wheels for the children’s Lamborghini are currently available from SR Auto Group. So, if your child is looking to get into the aftermarket world of automobiles, this might be the perfect starting point.

Source: SR Auto Group

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