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This Phallic Car Spoof will leave You Laughing

Overcompensating vehicles

If showy cars are compensating for something then…

We’ve all heard the theory that guys with flashy/showy/expensive/big cars or trucks are trying to compensate for something. The saying usually refers to the size of their genitals in that they need a big, expensive vehicle to attract women. The saying usually stems from some kind of anger or jealousy and isn’t the case.

Overcompensating vehicles

So, the folks at CollegeHumor decided to make a spoof using the same flawed logic. If guys with flashy vehicles are overcompensating, then guys with really crappy, broke-down vehicles are undercompensating, right?

That’s the case in this spoof, and the ending is just priceless.

Source: CollegeHumor

Is this theory or its opposite true in any sense?


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