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Ferrari’s Best of Our Generation hit Fiorano


Think Ferrari, think private testing circuit, think Fiorano. Now add four of Ferrari’s best street cars from the past 30 years. You probably had a poster of one of them on your wall as a kid, and if you didn’t, you were a Lamborghini kid.


Legendary Ferrari test-driver Dario Benuzzi takes a trip down memory lane with four cars he previously tested while they were in development and on the same track he did it the first time. He starts with the F40 making his way through the F50, and Enzo in chronological order and finishes with the LaFerrari. Each one of these cars has their own cult following and you could probably rate them on a scale of raw to technological masterpieces in the same order as he drives them.

You don’t need to understand a word Dario is saying. (Because there’s subtitles.) But really, just listen to the car talk. Turn up your speakers, throw on a pair of headphones… your call.

Source: Ferrari

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