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Road Rage Karma is the Best Karma

Road Rage Instant Karma

Oh this is beautiful.

Drivers with road rage are dangerous, stupid, and shouldn’t be on the road. Their aggressive actions often put not just themselves, but others in harm’s way. This road raging driver caught on video is just one example, and he gets a big dose of instant Karma.

Road Rage Instant Karma

The Kia driver was driving around and harassing the vehicle with the person filming. He sped up and gave them the finger while shouting out some obscenities. Then, after he whips out his cell phone to film the camera-wielding vehicle, he knocks it out of his own hand, losing it one the highway.

Say goodbye to that phone, buddy and hello to Karma.

Source: Mos Cow YouTube

How satisfying is it to see this road rager experience instant Karma?


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