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This Aussie Burnout is a Fire-Breathing Favorite

Holden Commodore SS Fire Burnout

They know how to burn rubber Down Under.

Aussies love their muscle cars arguably more than we do here in the United States. The large-displacement, V-8s have survived Down Under and are in cars that we here want to see imported. The Holden Commodore SS Ute is one of those.

Holden Commodore SS Fire Burnout

At one of the many Australian burnout competitions, a Holden Commodore SS packing a supercharger the size of the actual continent set out to show off its power. The car burnt through the entire blue-smoke tires down to the actual rims, and just kept going and going. Flames and sparks flew in the name of insanity to a roaring crowd. They didn’t care; it was all for the show.

That. Was. Awesome.

Source: Flinty460 YouTube

Is this the craziest burnout that you’ve ever seen?


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