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A.R.T. Tuning Creates the xHawk5 BMW X5 Widebody Conversion

A.R.T. xHawk5 BMW X5

Beastly BMW.

A.R.T. Tuning has been working with the Mercedes-Benz range of SUVs for quite some time, with the G-Class being their specialty. Now, they’re taking their expertise to another German SUV – the BMW X5. Called the A.R.T. xHawk5, the new BMW X5 upgrade program has it all from a fat widebody kit to a refined interior, and even engine tuning.

A.R.T. xHawk5 BMW X5

Right off the bat, the A.R.T. xHawk5 is more commanding and powerful thanks to the new widebody kit. Up front, a new bumper acts as the base for a new front spoiler, triple-beam LED lighting set, skirt mounts, fender flares, and a grille insert. An aero hood sits atop the engine and provides ventilation while hinting at the added power beneath. The front and rear extended fenders are mated to a set of elongated side skirts, and front and rear door panels.

A.R.T. xHawk5 BMW X5

The rear is finished off with a new bumper, skirt set, diffuser, roof spoiler, and a double-wall, 100 mm 2 + 2 tailpipe set with hard chrome plated finish and engraved A.R.T. logo.

The A.R.T. xHawk5 also boasts a set of new in-house monoART1 22-inch wheels with 295/30 R22 tires. Customers also have the option to choose from a variety of designs from the A.R.T. Premium Wheels catalogue. Customers can also pick and choose different adaptive suspensions and high-performance brakes to make driving even more dynamic.

A.R.T. xHawk5 BMW X5

In terms of performance, A.R.T. Tuning currently has tuning for the diesel engines provided by Diesel Power along with full sport exhaust systems. Tuning for the gasoline engines are currently in development.

A.R.T. xHawk5 BMW X5

Inside, the A.R.T. xHawk5 sports a full range of leather and alcantara upholstery with custom-tailored stitching designs suit to each individual customers. The German tuners can also add in individual rear seats with a center console.

The new A.R.T. xHawk5 is currently available as a full upgrade program or as individual accessories.

A.R.T. xHawk5 BMW X5 Gallery

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