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What Happens when you leave a Ferrari F430 Alone in Toronto?

Ferrari F430 Reactions Parked

Selfies, selfies, and spit.

When you own an exotic, you’re going to get reactions whether you’re driving the car or leaving it parked somewhere. So, YouTube user and proud Ferrari F430 owner, the.leviathan, decided to position a few hidden cameras inside and around his car to see what people did when he wasn’t around his Ferrari. Some you may expect, but some might shock you a bit.

Of course, there are those who had to have their picture taken with the super car. Whether it’s posing and having a friend take a picture or obsessively taking selfies until you get the right one like the woman jogger. Regardless, we figured that picture-taking was the normal reaction.

Ferrari F430 Reactions Parked

But the most aggravatingly absurd reaction to the Ferrari is the guy who goes out of his way to walk over towards the car and spit on the windshield. This guy had enough pent up hate and anger inside of him that the felt the need to spit on someone else’s property.

Whoa Badass

Looks like we have a badass over here.

Source: the.leviathan

What would you do if you came across a parked Ferrari F430?


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