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Friday FAIL: Wheelie Gone Wrong

Friday FAIL Wheelie

This is why you always wear helmets, kids.

Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous compared to driving an automobile. There’s simply nothing protecting you from an accident other than equipment you can wear. That’s why it’s ALWAYS important to wear a helmet, and this rider that failed at doing a wheelie is a prime example.

Friday FAIL Wheelie

According to the video, the motorcyclist was doing a wheelie until the bike slipped into neutral and slammed the bike to the ground. The impact caused him to fall off of the bike and speed, and slide on the ground before his body twisted into the air and his head smashed the pavement below.

Now, if he was stupid and didn’t wear his helmet, we would be looking at a pretty horrific scene that would have most likely resulted in his death. Thankfully, he was (somewhat) smart today and strapped on his helmet prior to going out for a ride, and was able to walk away from the incident.

This is why you ALWAYS wear your helmet. Always.

Source: Sitdown Steve YouTube

How lucky is this guy to have been wearing a helmet during his motorcycle crash?


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