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Burn some oil with the ABT Sportsline VW Touareg 3.0 TDI

ABT Sportsline Volkswagen Touareg

More fun stuff for the turbodiesel.

The Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TDI is a perfect mix of practicality and capability with its torquey diesel engine, all-wheel drive, and interior space. ABT Sportsline created a new upgrade program that makes it even better in terms of performance and styling. “Our Touareg is the perfect car for automotive nomads spending a lot of time on the road and wanting to enjoy it,” said CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt.

The 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6 engine isn’t the fastest nor is it the most powerful in the model lineup, but it gets the job done efficiently and with lots of torque. ABT Sportsline developed an ABT Power “New Generation” tuning module that pumps up output to 286 horsepower and muscular 479 lb-ft. of torque. That makes for better acceleration all while maintaining the same fuel economy and reliability as the factory setup.

ABT Sportsline Volkswagen Touareg

Visually, the Volkswagen Touareg also gets a bit more aggressive and appealing thanks to some new ABT Sportsline body work and wheels. New PUR, OEM quality upgrades start up front with a front grille add-on and headlight covers that create a meaner stare. A new rear wing and skirt set with integrated tailpipes reflects the upgrade in power beneath the hood.

From there, ABT Sportsline gave the Volkswagen Touareg a choice of wheels and suspension options. New ABT CR wheels in 9.0 x 20, DR wheels in 10.0 x 22, or ER-C in 9.0 x 20 fitments with 275/45 R20 or 295/30 R22 sport tires help to add grip and style. A new ABT Level Control or lowering springs can reduce the SUV’s overall center of gravity and lend to a more dynamic ride quality.

Inside, ABT Sportsline can equip the SUV with a set of floor and truck mats to keep things tidy as well as an entrance light setup that illuminates the ground with the ABT logo.

The new ABT Sportsline Volkswagen Touareg is currently available as an entire upgrade package or as individual accessories.

ABT Sportsline Volkswagen Touareg Specifications

Displacement: 3.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-6
Aspiration: Turbodiesel
Maximum Horsepower: 286 / 213 kW
Maximum Torque: 479 lb-ft. / 650 Nm
-ABT Power “New Generation” tuning module

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: ABT CR, DR, or ER-C
Wheel Sizes: 9.0 x 20, 10.0 x 22
Tires: Sport in 275/45 R20, 295/30 R22
Suspension: ABT lowering springs or Level Control

-ABT front grille add-on
-ABT headlight covers
-ABT rear wing
-ABT rear skirt set incl. end pipes

-ABT floor mats ABT trunk mat
-ABT integrated entrance light

Source: ABT Sportsline

Do you like the added power and looks of the ABT Sportsline Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TDI?


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