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Six Reasons The.Leviathan Should Get a New Ford GT

the.leviathan Ford GT Application

Video application time!

In case you missed it, Ford is now accepting applications for the new Ford GT. Not just orders, but applications. With only 250 models planned for the next two years, it’s easy to see why they only want a select few to own them.

the.leviathan Ford GT Application

Our favorite Ferrari (Lamborghini Mustang)-driving friend, ‘the.leviathan’ decided that he should submit an application to Ford for the new GT. He already drives and owns a car that people think is a Lamborghini Mustang, so it should be a quick and easy to get the stamp of approval, right?

Let’s take a look at his six reasons why he should be accepted:

Source: the.leviathan

Do you think ‘the.leviathan’ should get accepted for the new Ford GT?


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