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Friday FAIL: Oh Sh*t.

Friday FAIL Sewage Truck Spill

The crappiest drive you’ll ever see.

I must admit, I love Russia for the never-ending entertainment on their roads. There’s nothing too outlandish or crazy for these streets, whether it be people, cars, animals, tanks, explosions, and everything in between.

This week’s Friday FAIL was captured on a Russian dash cam and shows arguably the shittiest drive, ever.

Friday FAIL Sewage Truck Spill

While sitting in traffic at a light, a large sewage truck exploded, hurling raw human waste all over the vehicles surrounding it. The SUV sitting beside it was covered in a fresh brown mess as sewage just poured out of the street, covering the asphalt.

This is probably the worst-case scenario that could ever happen in traffic, short of getting into a serious accident. The smell alone, plus the prospect of having to wash it all off is enough to make you vomit.

Head to the car wash immediately and go through it no less than five times.

Source: Witalca Chumakov YouTube

Is this sewage truck spill the worst non-accident-related incident that could happen in traffic?


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